Villa of The Fortnight - Maria Paradise

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20% DISCOUNT! Special offer between the dates of 7 June - 29th

Maria Paradise is situated in Argaka in the village of Ayia-Marina. This fabulous, private and secluded, luxury 4 bedroom villa for rent in Cyprus, offers 4 bedrooms, (sleeps 9) and has a private pool.

The villa is finished to the highest quality both inside and out. The views from this villa are spectacular, you will be switching your camera to panoramic mode as soon as you sit on the balcony.

Breathtaking views of the countryside leading up to the coastline, a short drive from Polis, Latchi and the Akamas Peninsula.

Have a look at what some our guests said about Maria Paradise

Everything about this villa was spot on, and the space was amazing, we didn't expect it to be so big!

The pool area and it's fantastic views were just perfect. Most of my holiday pictures are of the sunsets from the pool.

This is the first time I've wanted to return to a villa. Loved it

The welcome pack was exceptional.

The villa was in a beautiful location looking out towards the sea.

We had a fantastic stay at this villa and would definitely stay again.

This was one of the best villas we have had.

With reviews like this and the spectacular 20% discount special offer this villas has running during June there is little left to do but to see the villa for yourself by clicking here !

Heated Pools in Cyprus

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We have a hot selection of villas with heated pools perfect for those cooler nights. Cyprus gets fantastic weather and you are almost always guaranteed sunshine whenever you go. Have your cake and eat it with these heated pool luxury villas!

We have villas with heated pools in some of the best areas of Cyprus

 Villa Zephyrus - Currently has SPECIAL OFFER - 20% Discount June

“We felt like Film Stars on Holiday”- Cheryl


Enjoy the luxury retreat tucked away in the beautiful countryside of Akourdaleia enjoying the spectacular mountain views as you soak in the warm waters of its huge heated pool.

Villa Zephyrus. Perfect if you really want to “getaway”.

Villa Harmonia in Polis, the ultra luxury villa where the beach is in your back garden.


Latchi Villa Luxury in Nature promises you perfect relaxation in total peace with the beach only 400m away and also has a huge heated 10x5m pool and a jacuzzi .



If you like the nightlife of Ayia-Napa  and a warm plunge in the cooler mornings to regenerate you for more evening entertainment then Villa Protaras-Palm would be the ideal villa.

December, Jan, Feb enjoys a cooler climate and if you fancy an evening dip there's nothing more welcoming than a warm pool in winter to match the summer days. With a climate as hot as Cyprus’, a heated pool is an extra luxury. So if you are looking for a December break this could be the perfect excuse to treat yourself.

Whatever your preference , Getaway Villas can offer you the ideal combination of heated pool Luxury villas and location. Why not browse our selection of heated pool villas here ?

Coral-Bay, Ayia-Napa?..Ayia-Napa, Coral-Bay?

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...It’s usually one or the other and competition to book a villa in either resort can be furious. Coral-Bay being the smaller area of the two can be seen as an achievement if you manage to book something through a late deal.

Many people book their villas in Coral-Bay a year in advance after staying with us, sometimes they book it while they are actually staying in the villa!

A great way to spend the day by the pool!

If you are lucky enough to get a villa in the heart of Coral-Bay then you are going to have a good time. A perfect place for families or anyone who is wanting a beach , restaurants, bars and relaxation. Plenty of entertainment for the children, amusements, trampolines, speed boats, pedalos, jet skis etc. Coral-Bay is a family resort with a fantastic sandy beach at the bottom of the main street.

It is surrounded by a wealth of cultural and historical monuments as well as of unspoilt natural habitats (Lara Beach, Akamas Peninsula) all worth one or more visits.There are loads of superb restaurants in Coral-Bay. You will be absolutely spoiled for choice. Some of our all time favourite restaurants are the Corallo, Andria, Lekanto, Trattoria La Vigna and if you are able to venture a little bit farther out  from the main strip, lunch or cocktails at sunset at the “Oniro by the Sea” is an experience we highly recommend.

Ayia-Napa is not just for the young, and the (very) lively nightlife. The best beaches of the island are here...Long stretches of fine white sand, crystal clear shallow warm waters. Excellent water sports will keep you active and cycling on the long, flat-terrain, coastal bicycle paths is an excellent way to explore the area and go from one outstanding beach to another.

Nissi and Makronissos beaches are two of the more famous ones and they tend to get crowded in July and August, but there are many other excellent beaches in the area. One of our customers’ favourite is the Ayia-Thekla beach

which is in the much quieter family resort  of Ayia-Thekla about 4 km west of Ayia-Napa Centre and is home to “WaterWorld” the biggest themed water park in EUROPE and the proud home to the new high class Marina.  Ayia-Thekla is the area where most of our villas are.

The Ayia-Napa Sculpture Park, located close to Pantachou and Glyki Nero superb  beaches, and over the natural sea rock formation known as the the “Love Bridge” is a surreal experience with over 150 sculptures, from different artists and in different themes out in the open along the coastline.

There plenty of excellent restaurants and tavernas in the area. One of the special places that we always visit when we are in the area is Potamos Restaurant off the beaten track, in a dream setting where the river meets the sea and the fishing boats are swaying gently to the lazy sea swells.

Homemade Gyros

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Serves 6-8

1kg highest fat available Lamb/Beef/Pork mince
2 tsp plain flour
2 tsp - oregano
1 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp onion powder
1\2 tsp cayenne pepper
2 tsp salt
1tsp black peppper
1 tsp mix of Greek Basil, rosemary, thyme, sage  OR 1 tsp Italian herbs

Preheat Oven to 180 350 gas mark 4
Combine all the seasoning in a bowl
Add all mince and mix thoroughly -fisting and kneading all the air out of the meat
Shape the meat into a loaf shape. Aim for a stubby log rather than a long cigar
Place on baking tray and bake for 50 minutes - turn and bake for another 50 minutes

Intermittently take time to collect juices and baste meat 3-4 times during cooking

Once cooked , wrap in foil and rest for 15 minutes
Remove foil
Flatten one end by slicing a sample to taste
Skewer unsliced end with a fork and place flat end vertically onto clean board
Using as sharp a knife as possible slice downwards , as thin as possible.

Serve in Pitta, with salad, tzatziki and Cypriot halloumi.


Tips and Tricks - Surviving the Airport

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Enjoying your holiday is the easy part but getting to your destination can be a stressful exercise. The following tips can make things run a little smoother.

Currency - Do not buy at the airport . The rates that you  get are notoriously bad. Check the latest article on money saving websites and buy a month before travel. Only buy at the airport as a last resort.

Suitcase - Use a unique strap to wrap around your case handle,  identifiable to you only, make it prominent, colour code etc and it ensures you are straight out of luggage collection first time around the carousel.

Packing - Pack what you want depending what the law allows at the time however make sure you have a 2 KG portion of your packing in a separate plastic bag within the case -readily available to pull out and hand carry should your case be over weight allowance.  

Wake up - Set 2 alarms for the day of your flight.

Have breakfast - You will need your energy and wits about you. You may not get a chance to eat at the airport if time becomes an enemy.

Charged phone  -Buy a travel pack charge. Phone power can be crucial. There is nothing worse than being in an emergency and seeing the 10% Battery warning and nowhere to charge. Always take a fully charged travel phone charger with you and you will never face this nightmare.

Logistics - Give yourself more time than you need. Obstacles can arise at any moment and when you are on a schedule and on the move you will have little time for error should anything unexpected happen. If it takes 30 minutes to get to the airport..plan for it taking an hour.

Taxis - If you are getting a taxi to the airport, don't book it the day before. Quite often taxi bookings made over 24 hours with the expressed pick up time are ignored, forgotten or not treat with a sense of urgency. Make the call to book the taxi an hour before you are ready to leave.

Travelling in groups - Keep all passports in one place until you reach customs, if one of you loses or forgets their passport you will then find yourself in a very public discussion as to what to do next ... If all passports are together it ensures either you ALL go on holiday or you ALL don't go on holiday  (a great incentive for keeping the most important documents for travel safe).



Food - Avoid food or snacks in your bags. It can be hard keeping up with the rules on what food and drink you across the borders. Different rules for this that and the other but to be on the safe side and to ensure a swift transition between borders, forget snack smuggling unless you want to be “THAT” person on the next Airport customs documentary programme. You should have eaten by now anyway and there is food where you are going, so, don’t hold up the queue by having the jolly customs agents scrutinising the Scotch eggs you’ve hidden in a sock at the bottom of your bag..

Departure gate- As soon as you can , find out how far away your gate is going to be. The last thing you want to be doing is running through the airport. They are very crowded. Give yourself enough time to get to the gate. Only the amateur traveller will dive straight to the bar keeping one eye on the departure board . Some gates can be over 20 minutes apart depending which airport you are flying from.

Boarding the plane - Shuttle bus. Think smart. First on the bus does not mean first off  the bus.

Plane Seating  - There's no rush. Your seat will be there when you get on the plane . There will be space on the plane for your luggage. If you do want to enter the race to be the first person seated, don’t choose this as the time to block the middle of the aisle as you get get changed into your wetsuit or whatever it is you’re doing while we are all waiting to get on the plane. Get your luggage in the overhead locker and sit down.


Plane Meals - You have the same right as anyone else to request a special dietary requirement meal.  A little known fact, most airlines serve special dietary requirement meals first. You usually have to order special dietary requirement meals at least 48 hours before your flight.

Exiting the plane - Again there is no rush. Let everyone else off the plane first. You have paid for a seat, get every penny's worth while everyone else is stood in the aisle for 15 minutes. Last on the bus is usually first off the bus.

Finally- to contribute to everyone's happiness - If it’s not a night flight..keep your seat upright.

Villa of the Fortnight, Villa Coral-Samantah

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If you want to be in the heart of the popular family resort of Coral-Bay (in Paphos, Cyprus)  then Villa Coral-Samantah could not be any more perfect. This huge beautiful beach villa offers 4 bedrooms (sleeps 8) and has a large 5x10m private pool with Roman steps.

Situated in one of the best locations in Coral-Bay on a quiet road behind the famous sandy Coral-Bay beach, with its shallow warm waters. This extremely spacious and peaceful 4 bedroom villa has a large attractive garden of almost half an acre including a small orchard of orange, lemon and grapefruit trees.

The spacious sun patio and upper floor balconies offer wonderful views over the bay which is just a 5 minute stroll away (400m). All entertainment, restaurants bars and shops are a 10 minute walk away so car hire is not necessary.

It is always best to hire a car if possible regardless of where you stay so you can explore Cyprus freely, however if you want to stay in Coral-Bay for your entire stay then you would not need a car as everything you need is so close. The frequent bus service along the coast to Paphos will give you some opportunity to travel anyway.

The views are breathtaking and the location of this villa justifies the envy of many.

The words “Beautiful”, “Massive” and “Perfect” feature in the guest reviews for Coral-Samantah and its popularity is reinforced by its limited availability.

There are some dates available in June, September and October. If you are thinking of going this year, then check this villa out.

Staying in Kathikas

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If it is peace and quiet you are looking for then the area of Kathikas would be a great location to search for villas. There are enough restaurants and tavernas for you to try each day. The views are spectacular and the drive through the mountainside is a pleasurable treat.

It's an easy 15 minute ride to visit Coral Bay or Latchi beaches with many panoramic stop off points where you can park up for a photo opportunity.

The option for some beach time is still there if you did decide to leave the comfort of your own villa.

Driving back at night can be an exciting experience. Being approximately 600 Metres above sea level it is possible to get caught in the warm mountain mist so it's important to be prepared to deal with steamy windows for the drive back to your villa.

You will see a lot of vineyards in and around Kathikas as this is what Kathikas is famous for. There are regular tours in the area giving people the opportunity to see the winemaking process for themselves such as the Sterna Winery (if the owner is there, mention GetawayVillas - you might get an extra glass of wine..or two) . Be sure to try the wines before you buy. You might have to try them all until you are sure of the ones you want to take back to the villa. It goes without saying that you can leave the car at the villa for this tour. Taxis are inexpensive and we have an excellent choice of villas within walking distance of the wine making tours.

If you’re bored of the norm and truly looking to getaway from it all, then Kathikas could become your new secret retreat.

Villa of the Fortnight , Villa Agia-Marina

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Villa Agia-Marina is an exceptional, contemporary-style, 3-bedroom villa, offering privacy and seclusion with uplifting views of unspoiled, undulating countryside down to the Mediterranean Sea ...and the promise of an unforgettable holiday.

This superbly spacious modern designed villa overlooking the vineyards of Kathikas and the mediterranean sea boasts a traditional Cypriot landscape and garden.


The huge plot also offers private parking, an organic garden where you can enjoy the fruits of the season and a brand new pool built ideally for you to enjoy the view.


Even with its modern structural design it maintains the pulse of the area with its warm rustic appeal helped with the wood fire, built in barbecue and outdoor seating area.

Visit the local village of Kathikas to dine out and you will be spoiled for choice with the restaurants and bars or just cut yourself off from the world and simply enjoy its beauty from afar and enjoy relaxing in your luxury Kathikas villa.

Cyprus Villa V Cyprus Hotel

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The beauty of having your own villa is that YOU are the boss of your own itinerary. You are not beholden to any reps doing their best to get everyone involved in the Hokey-Cokey and you eat when you want to eat, not when a hotel tells you to. There is no daily timetable when you stay in a  villa. You have the power to make the world stop for you - for once - and if you want...just... do ...nothing. There is no shame in telling people that's exactly what you did on holiday. Of course you are still going to do something like read a book , sunbathe or lounge in the pool all day drinking cocktails.

More and more people are choosing to book villas rather than hotels. The initial spark of excitement (if ever there was one) has somewhat left the "All inclusive" holidays - some enjoyed in the early noughties - and it's very difficult to find somewhere under 5 star quality where you don't feel like you perhaps should have paid a little bit less for what you got. Booking 2 weeks in a villa can offer massive savings especially during late deal offers and gives you a more time to explore the island of Cyprus in full. Some people may split their holiday time with a week of sightseeing and adventure and and the 2nd week just relaxing in and around the villa.

Hiring a car in Cyprus is inexpensive and allows you the freedom to stock up your villa with fresh, chilled and frozen goods at the local supermarket. If you don't hire a car , there are supermarkets such as Philippos Supermarket , in the Coral Bay area who provide free delivery of your self and your ice cream back to the villa. Using a big supermarket like this opens your choices up to have anything you want, turning your villa into a home from home.

Planning your own day has to be more of a pleasurable experience than to be hounded by holiday reps to “join in the fun” of whatever hyped-up activity has been devised for that day and having the awkward exercise of constantly refusing to take part in a breakdancing competition or some bizarre food fight competition every other hour. Sometimes people just want to be left alone to relax. Sometimes people don't want to be socialising and interacting with people they are probably never going to see again. Sounds grumpy..but whose holiday is it?


Staying in a villa takes away these little stresses. It allows you to do what you want and go where you want, when you want.  It allows you to forget about behavioural and social expectations and just have some "You" time whether alone, with partner or family.

Isn't that what a holiday is really for?

Homemade Halloumi

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Halloumi is probably the most delicious foodstuff ever devised by humankind.
With the basic process of heating a bit of milk and waiting around for a few hours, it surprising not more of us have turned their homes into mini-dairies. 
Britons are eating more halloumi than any other nation besides the Cypriots who make it. 
Most of us bring a little bit of Cyprus back home when we return from our getaway with some Cyprus made halloumi. 
Here is all you need if you do when you run out (besides buying it at the supermarket) 
Large enough pan to contain 5 Litres of milk
Cooking Thermometer
2-3 Towels
Storage container to hold 2 KG of cheese and brine
5 Litres full cream milk (Unhomogenised goats milk for perfect results)
0.2 fl oz of Rennet (Order online) 
3 tablespoons of natural salt (rock/sea)

Heat Milk up and Coagulate with Rennet

Heat milk Heat milk very slowly until 32-35C
Stir well adding rennet mix and cover
Take off heat , wrap in towels and leave in dry warm area
Leave to set for 30 -40 minutes checking the curd has fully separated (cut through curd an slowly lift to see there is full clear separation between curd and whey).

Cook Curds and remove whey
Slice through the curd with a knife cutting the curd through in small 1 inch squares, stir gently while heating the contents slowly to 36-38C occasionally stirring for 30-40 minutes
Use a ladle to transfer curds to the colander lined with the tea towel. 
Cover the pot of remaining whey and set aside
Do not throw anything away.

Form the Curds
Gently squeeze and drain the curd into a colander or by transferring  into a form
The curd should be in a disk form of about 3 inches in diameter and 2 inches high. 
Apply a couple of pounds of weight on top of each “halloumi” and and let it rest and drain for half an hour. 
The curd  has now turned into halloumi

Cook Halloumi in Whey
In the meantime heat the whey up bringing to 85 oC (you can actually easily make some bonus ricotta/anari from the whey at this stage but that’s another story).
Place the halloumi in the hot whey - it will sink- and cook at steady temperature for about 30-40 minutes until the halloumi floats to the surface (use the ladle to gently make sure the halloumi does not stick to the bottom). When the halloumi floats it’s ready to to be removed. 

Finishing and Salting. 
As the cheese cools and while it is still warm, flatten with a slight hand pressure to form a larger and flatter disc of cheese.
To finish the cheese sprinkle with salt - about 1/2 oz. of cheese salt sprinkled over one side of the cheese disc. .. The cheese can then be folded into a crescent and pressed slightly as it cools
Rest the halloumi in the leftover whey in tray/bowl and store in cool dry area/fridge ready for use.

Can be eaten as is, prepared with salad or fried.