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Kouklia is a village of the district of Pafos and lies at a distance of about 16 kilometres from the city of Pafos. It is built at an average altitude of 85 meters in the coastal plain of Pafos, north of the central highway of Limassol - Pafos, where -according to mythology -the goddess of Beauty and Love, Aphrodite, emerged.

The village is built in the venue were "Palaipafos" (Old Pafos) -the seat of the kingdom of Pafos -stood, which was one of the most important ancient kingdoms of Cyprus.

The entire area of the community, including also the place where -today -the houses of the village are built, is an important archaeological region. Excavations have been conducted at times, bringing to surface the famous temple of "Aphrodite of Pafos" (Pafia Aphrodite), the remains of the fortification of Palaipafos, and various other movable findings that are found in the archaeological Museum situated in the village, housed in the medieval villa south of the village.

The village was in existence during the Byzantine years and must have been a property of the Byzantine officer "Kouvikoularios". The word "kouvouklion" meant sepulchral chamber but also meant the dormitory of the Byzantine emperors. The bodyguards of the Byzantine emperors that guarded the imperial dormitory were named "kouvikoularioi" and often were granted pieces of land as a reward for their services. Such a "kouvikoularios" most probably became the master/owner of the village and so it was named Kou(vou)klia. Therefore, if kouklia was not the property of a "kouvikoularios" then it must have been a place with country houses for Byzantine officials.

The village was still named "Kouvouklia" until the Frank domination era, instead of the abbreviated Kouklia. De Masse Latri reports that during the Frank domination era the village was a large royal estate in which sugarcane was cultivated. The large medieval villa of Kouklia proves that the village was an important feud.

During the era of Turkish domination, Kouklia were confiscated by the new conqueror and became a manor.

Today, Kouklia is a thriving community. Palm trees are planted in the main-street entrance of the village adding a special beauty. The streets of the village -clean and well looked after -bring the visitor to the central plaza where the church of the Apostle and Evangelist Luke stands. The inhabitants of the village are distinguished for their piety and respect for the sacred and the holly. Around the village there are either chapels or ruins of chapels that testify for the piety of the inhabitants.

There is a regional Elementary School in the village, which both the pupils of Kouklia as well as the ones from the neighbouring village Nikokleia attend. Also, a police station, a health centre, and a state-owned nursery (greenhouse) have their headquarters there. In the village plaza there are several coffee-houses and taverns that offer luxuriant food and entertainment.

The rapid tourist and structural development, the archaeological findings of the area, the "Petra tou Romiou" venue, the legend of Aphrodite, the unsparing natural beauty of the region, and the unique combination of mountains with the deep blue sea give the village of Kouklia a uniqueness that cannot be found anywhere else.

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